Are you a direct money lender?

No, at Monthlyinstallmentpaydaycashloans.com, help US loan appliers to get loan services -90 Day Loans Bad Credit and Online Cash Loans Same Day from our credit lenders. WE ARE NOT A DIRECT CREDIT LENDER.

Why the interest rates are high on short-term small cash services managed by you?

Actually, the loan lending terms and conditions of different lenders differ with each other. The actual APR of the loan depends upon the required loan amount, your employment condition and repayment potential. You get small and short-term unsecured cash services through our credit lenders with higher interest fees.

Can bad credit borrowers apply for the loan services on your website?

Yes, they can if they comply with the loan eligibility terms and conditions set by the lenders and have appropriate resources to reimburse the loan in full on the right time. Bad creditors also need to qualify a credit check to get approved for our loan services.

Do you charge your clients to use your website?

No, using our website is absolutely free, but credit lenders usually ask for loan processing fees and other applicable charges.

Can I ask for a loan extension if I am not able to pay off the loan amount?

Inform your lender in advance if you really need a loan extension. This adds additional charges to your loan amount to be repaid by you to the lender at a later date.